Bodyke is a rural village located in East Clare and was made famous for the ‘Bodyke Evictions’, which took place during the 1880s landlord and tenant conflict.  A troublesome time in Irish history, the village was the scene for what is referred to as one of the Land War’s most dramatic events. The Land War refers to a time in Irish history when farmers sought better rents and conditions from their landlords and organized themselves into an organization called the Land League.

Following a confrontation between police and villagers over non-payment of rents in Bodyke, despite some reduction in rents, the tenants of the O’Callaghan estate remained unhappy with conditions and staged a major protest against the eviction party.

Despite throwing boiling liquid, and "cowdung" at them, five families were evicted with a further eight evictions occurring a number of years later.
Eventually the Land Commission bought the estate and tenants were allowed to purchase their farms.

That was then and this is now, Bodyke is now home to one of the best golf courses in Clare, the East Clare Golf Club. They hosted the Senior European Tour in 1998 in only its fourth year as a club. The beautiful course is challenging for high and low handicappers and is well worth a visit.

Bodyke is the home parish of famous Irish novelist Edna O’Brien and family historian Dr. Edward McLysaght. The village is just a short drive from Lough Derg and is a must see on any tour of East Clare.