Located in east Clare, near Scarriff, Mountshannon and Lough Derg, Feakle is noted for its International Traditional Music Festival and accompanying workshops, concerts, lectures, ceilis and set-dancing. The village has the Sliabh Aughty Mountains as a backdrop are some interesting hill walks as a result. You can access planned local walks such as the East Clare Way.

Feakle was home to poet and schoolmaster Brian Merriman who wrote the renowned 'The Midnight Court' in the 18th century. The book, a defence of women's rights, was banned right up until the late part of the 20th century.

The village was also home to Biddy Early, who was a 19th century wise woman or witch. During this era, people strongly believed in supernatural and magic so Biddy's 'magical' powers arose plenty of suspicion. It is said that she once used her powers to avoid eviction by causing the police and the sheriff to get stuck to the roadside outside her house and then ordered them to leave and never return. She was said to have had a strong understanding of people, animals and herbal treatments. Her reputation for healing spread far and wide and has lasted for over 150 years. She was also known for keeping a dark blue bottle with her, which helped her to 'see into the future'. She died in 1873 and her ruined castle can be seen in Feakle.

When touring East Clare be sure that you take time to visit Feakle. It is a stronghold of hurling in County Clare has brilliant musicians that love to play. It is a small picture-perfect village not to be missed.